Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Nine Emergency contact
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“Nonsense,Do you think it’s a person and I massaged him?The standards of my massage subjects are very high,Looks pretty,Good figure,Must be a girl,Haha……”
Qin Liang said triumphantly。
“Yep,No need to pay after the massage,Just have a kiss with you,right?”
Chen Haoshun took a conversation……
“Ha ha,Good reminder,I’m done massaging you,You should check out,Hehe……”
Qin Liang stretched out his hand to hug Chen Hao。
“I found this by myself……”
Chen Hao suddenly regretted,Because of a quick mouth,Sent myself to the door,This is equivalent to digging a hole for yourself,Then I jumped down myself……
“Stop making trouble today,I am so tired……And it’s so late,You’d better go home quickly,Lest Ruoxi worry about you。”
Chen Hao blocked Qin Liang’s hand,Remind him。
“Ok……Know you are tired today,Then go to bed obediently,Go to the company later tomorrow,Special circumstances,Besides, there is Liu Rushi now,You can also relax。”
Qin Liang thinks about it too,I guess I don’t want to be home,Shen Ruoxi will always be worried,So he nodded and agreed。
“it is good,I got it,Be careful on your own way。”
Although Chen Hao feels upset,But there is no sign of it on his face。
“Let me go without kissing?”