High heels make women feel more successful

High heels make women feel more successful

Running 100 meters in 9 cm high heels?

This kind of competitive skill is probably discouraging Liu Xiang and others.

But recently, this kind of high heels racing boom has been blowing from Russia, the Netherlands and other countries to Chengdu.

Why are women so fond of high heels that there is no other psychological significance besides “dressing up”?

  High-heeled shoes originated from the Louis XIV era. The original intention was to prevent young and beautiful women from sneaking out of the palace, which inevitably reminded China of “foot-binding”.

Whether it is high heels or foot binding, it was initially a bond set by male society for women’s physical freedom, but later it has developed into a universally recognized glamour mark for women and women.

Investigating the reasons behind it, scholars studying cultural psychology have found that women, whether foot-binding or wearing high-heeled shoes, are driven by a utopian urge, that is, “improving their social status by changing their bodies.”

  Until now, foot binding has become history.

But high heels are becoming more and more popular with women, and they have become a career tool as important as a briefcase.

A recent study commissioned by Bazaar magazine surveyed 500 women in the UK’s top positions in finance, newspapers and health care, and found that 70% of women said they would naturally feel like wearing high heels at workComplete strength and confidence in their own abilities.

This shows that high heels have become a source of self-confidence for professional women in the workplace, which means more success for them.

  Although the meaning of high heels for women is so positive, the hot girl Victoria’s big toe eversion caused by stepping on a three-inch high heel for many years is not news.

Medical research has long proven that the earlier you start wearing high heels, the more serious your health impact will be.

Therefore, women should wear less high heels. In fact, the inherent cultivation and temperament are effective equipment for success.