Keep calm and keep youthful look

Keep calm and keep youthful look

As the saying goes, “Face is born from the heart”, the age of the yogi is often a secret. This is because postures bring us into a state of qi and blood coordination, calmness and calmness, retaining a natural youthful appearance.

  Review the role of posture: promote visceral function, slim waist, eliminate relaxation and tension, relieve eye fatigue, exert a clear effect.

  Action: Sit with your left foot with your weight, slide your right foot backwards, insert your left hip on your right heel, place your left hand behind your left thigh, turn your right hand behind and hold your left arm.

Inhale while holding your back, exhale with your left hand connected to your left thigh, slowly twist your upper body upwards, and look back over your shoulders.

Maintain the state for about 5 breaths, and then press the palms on the chest to adjust the breath.

  The role of Sun Chong posture: make the spine flexible.

Retract the knee joint and lumbar spine, promote blood circulation around the body, and thoroughly adjust the state of the body.

  Action: Inhale, raise your hands to the sky, aim your ears, try to align your chest and abdomen, exhale, open your palms, try to lean your upper body back, and push your limbs forward.

Hands stretched out like admiring the sun.

Rest for about 3 breaths.

Exhale, tighten the gluteal muscles, slowly lift your upper body, put your hands on your chest and adjust your breath.

Repeat pose 3?
4 times.

  Inverted posture effect: coordinate qi and blood, stabilize nerves, improve facial skin.

Relieves insomnia, headaches, helps lose weight, strengthens memory, eliminates headaches, prevents premature baldness, and gray hair.

  Action: Sitting upright.

Stand your toes, tilt your upper body forward, hold your hands together and hold your head down, try to raise your waist, and gradually approach your feet to the side. Keep your posture still at the corresponding position according to your situation.

Focus on exhaling and sucking.

Practice daily.

Extend or decrease the amount of rest time based on personal circumstances.