Eyes best cause your age secrets

Eyes best cause your age secrets

How can I make myself look younger and more spiritual?

A new study published in the latest issue of Ophthalmology shows the answer-protecting your eyes is the most important.

  Because it is easiest for people to capture “one’s age and fatigue” information through the eyes, the eye area accounts for 21% of the face.

  Researchers at the University of Tennessee in the United States asked several college students to use computer pictures to determine the age and fatigue of 48 elderly people.

Researchers use monitors to analyze where the eyes of these college students look when making their judgments.

It was found that 46% of the time spent looking at the eyes at baseline, 19% of the time looking at the nose, 13% of the time looking at the forehead and 11% of the time looking between the eyebrows.

In judging the fatigue test, almost the same facts were reached.

This shows that when judging the age of others, people look at the eyes first.

  Ophthalmologist Peter the American Center for Health Sciences Research?

Rubin said that the eyes are indeed the most exposed age, because the eyelid is the thinnest skin of the human body, and any swelling is extremely conspicuous.

The changes around the eyes record the vicissitudes of time and the sun.