[Date jujube and banana at the same time]_banana_eat together

[Date jujube and banana at the same time]_banana_eat together

Jujube is a fruit with very good blood-supplement effect. If women are in the physiological period or postpartum confinement, eating more jujube is beneficial for blood-supplement, and it can also help women to quickly regulate their body.

And banana is a very common fruit in everyone’s life. Banana can intestinal laxative, promote digestion of the human body, cause constipation people usually eat more bananas, symptoms can be effectively relieved.

So, can jujube and banana be eaten together?

Can bananas and jujube be eaten together, and bananas and jujubes can not be eaten together, although eating certain foods does not cause discomfort to our body, because the nutrients in these two foods are not equivalentHowever, eating two together prevents our taste sensation from producing a certain irritation, which causes the taste buds to have a substance-deteriorating taste.

The nutritional value of bananas and dates. Bananas are rich in starch, and they are also rich in nutrients such as starch, protein, precipitated fiber, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C. In addition to these bananas, they also contain natural sugars.: Sucrose, fructose and glucose, and cellulose.

Jujube has a sweet taste at the root, and it is also rich in protein, trace amounts, sugars, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, so jujube has the effects of nourishing qi, nourishing blood and soothing.

Benefits of eating bananas and dates together Bananas and dates will produce strange flavors, which will severely vomit the early adopters, which is not good for our body.

Banana, jujube can not eat banana + watermelon together: usually our body produces uncomfortable symptoms, cause diarrhea, and cause a certain burden on our body.

Banana + yogurt: It is very good for our body to eat two foods separately, but eating together will produce carcinogens and affect our health.

Banana + taro: eating two things together can cause stomach discomfort and make people feel pain.

Banana + sweet potato: eating together can cause physical discomfort and cause a certain burden on our body.

Banana + potato: eating together will cause spots on the face, which will have a bad effect on our skin.

Banana + Taro: Can cause stomach discomfort, which can cause bloating.

Red dates + shallots: it will cause indigestion, which is definitely a burden for our health.

Jujube + crab: It can cause physical discomfort and cause bad effects on our health.

Jujube + fish: It can cause indigestion, which is definitely a burden for our health.

Jujube + cucumber: It will destroy the nutrients contained in vegetables, making our body unable to absorb the required nutrients, which is very bad for our body.

Red dates + carrots: It will reduce the nutritional value of vegetables, leading to reduced absorption of nutrients by the body, which is also bad for health.

Jujube + shrimp: It can cause poisoning and pose a certain threat to our health.

Jujube + shrimp skin: It will cause poisoning and pose a certain threat to our health.

Red dates + black ginseng: The functions of the food are counterproductive, and eating them together has extremely bad effects on the body.

Jujube + milk: affects the body’s absorption of nutrients, causing bad effects on the body.

Jujube + silver fish: It can cause back pain and burden the body.

Jujube + fish + spring onion: eating together will cause indigestion and have a bad effect on our stomach.

Jujube + sea crab: It can cause physical discomfort and cause bad effects on our health.

Some people should not eat bananas1, patients with peptic ulcers should not eat bananas because patients with peptic ulcers will secrete gastric acid, and some patients have relatively poor contraction capacity. If they eat bananas, they will aggravate gastrointestinal diseases, soCan’t eat bananas.

2. Bananas should not be eaten by edema patients, because bananas are very rich in potassium. If these patients often eat bananas, it will cause the potassium content in the blood to increase and increase edema, increase the burden on the heart and kidneys, and worsen the disease.

3. Banana patients should not eat bananas. Banana patients can not eat bananas. Bananas have a function of intestinal and smooth intestines. Patients with diarrhea are already very fragile. If they eat bananas, they will aggravate diarrhea and are not conducive to rehabilitation.

In addition, bananas are inherently cold, stomach pain, diarrhea, hyperacidity is also best not to eat.

4. Patients with arthritis or muscle pain should not eat bananas. The local blood circulation speed is slowed down locally, so that metabolites stay in the body. In addition, bananas have a large sugar content, and eating bananas will consume more B groups in the body.Vitamins, which can increase joint pain and muscle pain.

5, fasting people are not suitable to eat bananas. The cellulose contained in bananas can promote digestive tract peristalsis, and there is no digestible food in the stomach when fasting. Eating bananas on fasting will speed up gastrointestinal movement, accelerate blood circulation, and increase the burden on the heart.
Therefore, eating bananas on an empty stomach for a long time is not good for your health.

Some people are not suitable to eat dates. People with diabetes should not eat dates because the sugar in dates is very rich. If people with diabetes eat dates, it will lead to a serious illness, which is very detrimental to the patient’s recovery.

2. Patients with more cough and sputum should not eat dates. Eating more dates will cause sputum and wetness. Eating dates in this type of patients will lead to worsening of the condition, which is not good for patients.

3. It is not advisable to eat jujube during menstruation. The taste of jujube is sweet. If you eat more, it will form moisture inside the body. This moisture will accumulate in our body, causing girls to swell in some parts of the body during menstruation.

4. Children should not eat jujube. Children’s spleen and stomach function is relatively poor. Eating too many dates will cause symptoms that are not easy to digest. It is not good for children’s stomach and stomach, and sugar accumulation of jujube, children eat too much is bad for teeth.

Banana and jujube recipes Jujube and bananas can produce irritating flavors, so it is not recommended to eat them together.

To sum up, bananas and jujubes cannot be eaten together, because eating bananas and jujubes together will produce strange flavors, and this matter is still popular on the Internet. However, if you compare the taste of each child, do n’t try it.Comparing the taste of the two together is indeed difficult to describe.