How to get rid of the liver situation of middle-aged and elderly chronic diseases

How to get rid of the “liver” situation of middle-aged and elderly chronic diseases

How to get rid of the “liver” embarrassment of middle-aged and elderly chronic diseases China has entered an aging society. The prevalence of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and stroke in the elderly has been increasing year by year, which is slowly harming the health of middle-aged and elderly people.
According to data released by the Ministry of Health, the number of deaths due to chronic diseases is expected to rise to 75% by 2030.
In addition to the disease itself, the harm of chronic diseases is its complications and long-term drug damage to the liver. Among them, the occurrence of drug-induced liver injury has shown a trend of increasing in recent years.
Rehabilitation of chronic diseases: moving and calming down. Life lies in exercise, and the metabolism of middle-aged and elderly people is slow. Without exercise, the human organs and tissues will decline, and the body’s disease resistance will also weaken.
Therefore, middle-aged and elderly people with chronic diseases should properly participate in some aerobic exercises to make the body sweat slightly, but do not sweat sweating aerobic exercise.
On the other hand, patients with chronic diseases must calm down and slow down. Don’t be overly emotional, and don’t be angry or depressed because of small things.
We must slow down the pace of life and face life with optimism.
You can also try to go out and integrate into nature.
Chronic disease safety medications top 1.
肝功能检查应成常态 长期用药的慢性病患者,尤其是患有高血压、糖尿病、肺结核、风湿骨病、肿瘤、心血管疾病的人群,由于其使用的药物中多数会对肝脏产生损伤,甚至导致Liver cirrhosis and other adverse consequences are not conducive to the control and treatment of basic chronic diseases, so it is necessary to check liver function regularly.
Optimizing the treatment of chronic diseases Experts recommend that patients with chronic diseases add liver protection and liver protection drugs to protect the liver and repair liver damage while routine basic treatment, and it is also beneficial to the control and treatment of basic chronic diseases.
定期复诊常与医生沟通 一些患有高血压、高血糖等疾病的患者在就医过程中会出现怕麻烦的心理,几次就医后就不在定期去医院复诊,不与主治医生进行用药方面的沟通,This can easily lead to drug resistance or cause liver damage without knowing it, laying a greater hidden danger for health.
Only by correctly cognizing chronic diseases and using drugs reasonably can we resist the damage to the body and make health and happiness permanent.