Eat so often, too easily lead to esophageal cancer, the (1)

  Often eat too was an increased risk of。
World Health Organization (WHO) under the International Cancer Research (IARC) has released a report warning of drinking more than 65 ℃ hot drinks may increase the risk of esophageal cancer。This is because eating too hot will burn the esophageal mucosa, continue to stimulate the esophageal mucosa can cause hyperplasia, mutation, increase cancer risk。
  Eating habits harm is a scientific diet, oral cavity, esophagus and stomach are more harm than good。Blanching occurs often eat rice soup with esophageal cancer, also relations。
Studies have shown that the high incidence of esophageal cancer, most patients have a sweet habit。  The human mouth, esophagus, and the temperature tolerance of 50?60 degrees。
In order to avoid injury soup oral, esophageal mucosa, reduce the incidence of esophagitis, acute gastritis, esophageal cancer, should develop good eating habits, do not eat rice soup blanching.。  In the various organs of the human body in order to heat the highest degree of mouth。Too hot even the hand not touch the water can still drink it Manman。If people jump 80 ℃ hot water, the body will be burned, but the drink inlet 80 ℃ hot water in the oral cavity was left intact。
Like hot stimulation is not a good thing, because eating too hot most direct harm to human health is caused by mouth and digestive tract burns。Because the human oral mucosa, esophageal mucosa and gastric mucosa are very delicate and can only withstand 50?Food 60 deg.] C, and the hot food temperature over 70?About 80 ℃, it is likely to cause oral and gastrointestinal mucosal burns。Around us there are many such cases, some accidentally drank the soup piping hot, light redness oral mucosa congestion, severe blistering and even cause ulcers in the mouth; there was itself developed a habit of eating, a little food Some feel uncomfortable temperature, the result of esophagitis or gastritis to find the upper body。
  Entrance most suitable food temperature is "not cold nor hot."。
Chinese medicine should also pay attention to food temperature, avoid hot or too cold, too cold food because of stomach organs and can damage the stomach network, causing blood stasis, blood stasis; hot food will lead to blood hyperactivity, gastrointestinal Road vasodilation, gastrointestinal irritation。  The oral mucosa congestion, mucous membrane damage caused ulcers; hot food harmful to teeth, gums could easily lead to ulcers and allergic dental; too hot food will damage the esophageal mucosa, stimulate increased mucosal, leaving scars and inflammation may also cause malignant lesions。Many studies have shown that oncologists, cancer is actually developed on the basis of chronic inflammation。