Common food Qingfei phlegm, sputum Hyperactivity no longer afraid of the (1)

  Chishimehao?Winter susceptible to colds cough, many people will appear symptoms of cough, phlegm。
Then clearing the lungs phlegm eat more food will help promote recovery from disease, then there is the effect of what good food?  Five foods 1, Chinese medicine, cold sweet and slightly astringent, lungs, spleen, stomach, large intestine, with the lungs phlegm, heat fluid, Shibuya intestinal Zhili, spleen and stomach, Sheng Jin Runchang, cool blood to stop bleeding and other effects。
For Qiuzao cough with sputum people who eat a persimmon can effectively lungs and phlegm。
  But it is worth mentioning that, for patients with constipation, astringent do not eat, if a more astringent persimmon skin, it's best to eat peeled。
Because most astringent foods rich in tannic acid, which is an astringent substance, has the functions of the stool, the stool is likely to cause dry, etc., aggravate the symptoms of constipation。Peeled, dietary fiber and pectin persimmon flesh can well soften the stool, relieve symptoms of constipation。  2, Peanut contains a lot of proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, righting tonic, Wyatt spleen and stomach, lungs and phlegm, nourish transfer gas, water swelling, bleeding raw milk, Qingyan stop malaria effects can be enhanced further memory, can help improve the baby's memory, there are great benefits to the baby。  So, where lung deficiency of the people, regardless of pulmonary or lung qi deficiency, are suitable for taking peanut boiled, not fried after eating。
  3, Chinese medicine, milk, soy milk favorable water, moistening effect, it is suitable for drinking fall。Milk contains female hormones similar to the human body, it helps smooth white skin, but also to maintain the posture。
High unsaturated fatty acid of soybean milk, more fiber, and lecithin can be brain, and regulation of blood lipids, calcium and increase bone density, menopausal symptoms of menopause。
  In addition to traditional soybean milk, soy milk there are many tricks, such as four kinds of food: dates, wolfberry, green bean, lily, milk is the perfect partner!Autumn and winter drink, nourishing beauty, fend off the cold warm-up。  4, was hailed as a "fairy fruit", with detoxification, lung, raising sound lungs, removing the effect of bad breath, and the sound of excessive alcohol and tobacco caused by a hoarse throat, thirst and other effects Jia。
And the blood glucose level can be lowered, improving diabetes。
Can protect voice, the sound of wind heat treatment may attack the lungs caused by hoarseness, coughing unhappy, sore throat embolism。
Lung fire may be used to dry cough, sore throat aphonia, constipation, dry bowel symptoms。  When later, may be selected from a large, rounded shape, preferably shake does not ring, the shell does not break。Because Mangosteen need to dry, so be sure to choose baked Mangosteen, otherwise easy to mold infestation and other problems。  5, Chinese medicine, white radish, turnip white color is gold, the corresponding internal organs of lungs, which gamping spicy, owned by the lung and spleen, having gas, digestion, efficacy disease lungs, detoxification fluid, in addition to diuretic laxative , attending Fei Wei, Hyperactivity, constipation, vomiting, bloating, indigestion, dyspepsia, sputum, urine is not smooth, etc.。  White radish natured, good for all of Insufficiency。
Can boil water, eat carrots, with sugar, ginger can cure cold cough; with chrysanthemum, honeysuckle can cure fever cough; with lily white fungus cure dry cough; with hawthorn, malt can cure food plot cough。
Personally I think that white radish is the safest diet。
In addition to using the tonic when physically weak cough can not be used, other times can be used。