Tiger way of keeping a car with the Ministry of Transportation upload car repair electronic health records

  Uses tiger keep a car in response to the Ministry of Communications "2018 people's livelihood List" with upload auto repair electronic health record March 19 power in May 2017, the Ministry of Transport issued the "Notice on car repair electronic health records system construction work," plans to use about two years to complete vehicle maintenance building electronic health records system in the country, after the pilot some provinces and cities in 2018 will be officially implemented in the country to achieve 80% of a class of provincial and municipal maintenance companies, 70% of second-class service covering the enterprises, and actively expand to cover three types of repair business。
Leading automotive maintenance services brand the way to keep a car tiger positive response from the Ministry of electronic health records information construction work, become one of the auto repair electronic health records of the first companies to upload。   It is understood, car repair electronic health records is a Vehicle Identification Number (VN code) to uniquely identify the car, from purchase to scrap the whole life cycle of the car repair electronic record sum。 To promote the use of the system can gradually improve motor vehicle repair data files, and better integrate industry production, service, supervision, transparency through maintenance, repair industry to enhance the overall level of service, while the system also provides a variety of owners, industry regulators information, check vehicle owner can end mobile phone customers through maintenance records, search business location, to seek rescue service, participation in service supervision, to provide data support for industry regulators, and promote the transformation and upgrading of automotive after-market industry。   Hu Xiaodong way tiger keep a car COO, he said: "With the rapid development of Internet technology, data of the automotive aftermarket industry information, transparency is the trend。
The Ministry of Transport to implement electronic health records systems, vehicle maintenance, vehicle maintenance information will no doubt get rid of opaque phenomenon, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers play a very important role。 It will also guide enterprises to provide transparent, high-quality service, improve service levels to promote the useful help bring。