"Big hand little hand" Taiwan charity invite young and old spring with the tour Yangmingshan

  86 years old this year, is affectionately called "Grandpa Chen," the Governor Chen Xiong, said he "super happy"。
Governor Chen Xiong told reporters that he is elderly people living alone, no children, only one Sun Yang, but not often accompany the side。
In this charity to help with so many old friends, children outing together, I feel very grateful and happy。   "The last time I had to Yangmingshan is something 40 years ago," said Governor Chen Xiong said: "In recent years, my leg is not good, is not convenient to local events far away, also thanks to the help of volunteer charity。 "75-year-old Lin Li Aizi, is a giving her short hair, hale and hearty grandmother。
She says, she has participated in many activities of charity organizations, each is very happy, but this is more special experience。
"Because my family had no children Well, you can come here and play with children, I feel very happy!"she says。
  According to Taiwan's relevant statistics show that in 2017, total% million, accounting for Taiwan's total population over 65 years of Taiwan elderly population, population aging index (that is 65 years old and older population with 0?The relative ratio of the number of 14-year-old child population) of the elderly population has more than the population of children。
  Organizers said the charity has been encouraging the elderly to go outside, gymnastics, while expanding social circle, and strengthen the body function。 Since March of this year, Huashan, creation, human security strategic alliances plans to invite Taiwan about 10,000 elderly and children, "big hand little hand" Companions, and called for active participation in society, care for the disadvantaged elders, so service agencies may be long continue。