The survey said only one percent of Beijing residents Second Child economic pressure is the main cause | South China Morning Post | fertility | main reason

    Reference News Network January 23 reported Hong Kong media said, according to a government survey, nearly 60 percent of Beijing residents say want two children, but only 10% of people actually have two children。
  According to Hong Kong "South China Morning Post" website quoted January 21 mainland media reports, the survey shows that, despite the wishes of the reasons but decided not to have a second child is the economic pressure, lack of education and health protection。   Reported that the investigation involves many social issues, the survey results released January 20 by the Beijing Social Work Committee。   Reported that China in mid-2015 to cancel the one-child policy, now every couple can have two children。   However, according to the survey results, in Beijing, the wishes of two children gradually reduced over the past 15 years。 In 2001, the percent of Beijing residents hope to have two children; but 10 years later, this ratio is%。 By 2016, this ratio further reduced to%。
  Reported that, although the country implemented a two-child policy, but the National Bureau of Statistics figures show that the number of births last year to 17.23 million from 17.86 million in 2016。
  Labor – between the ages of 16 to 59-year-old population – last year fell by more than 500 million people。 At the same time, the proportion of elderly people over the age of 65 continue to rise, as at the end of last year as% of China's total population, higher than 2016%。 (Compiler / Hejin E)。