AWE2018 you will see these smart refrigerator

The annual event of home appliances and consumer electronics, home appliances and consumer electronics China Fair (AWE) will be held March 8, 2018?Held in Shanghai New International Expo Center March 11。 Clearly, fame and fortune in the world of home appliances fields forefront of LG, naturally not miss this event。 What you will see in this event in the refrigerator, small series here at。 LGLG This will showcase its recently launched InstaViewThinQ smart refrigerator on AWE2018。 It is reported that the smart refrigerator running an operating system of webOS LG self-development, support Amazon's Alexa, and is equipped with a 29 inches touch screen, tapping the screen twice, the screen will become transparent in order to see directly inside the refrigerator case。 Casa Imperial Casa Imperial F + free embedded refrigerators through the integration of the four major shortcomings of the conventional refrigerator, redefine the standard 4 hit, the box perfectly embedded into the family environment, the use of the refrigerator is no longer limited to shorten the cooling space, and create a embedded design freedom first of its kind to address the use of persistent pain points users。
After rigorous evaluation, embedded refrigerator Casa Imperial freedom freedom embedded fusion cabinets, right-angle full, independent cooling the four criteria to be incorporated into the "Chinese free embedded refrigerators community standards" China Association for Standardization, to become the industry norm and templates。