Labor law reforms announced measures to strengthen the unemployed qualified audit

  [World Wide Web] French media reports reporter Wang Lilan European Times March 19 reported that the French Ministry of Labor announced the new labor law reforms in local time on March 19, will strengthen the audit for registration in the register of the unemployed, for failure to perform obligations but enjoy the rights of the unemployed to take punitive measures。   According to AFP, Vladimir Scotia (AntoineFoucher) French Ministry of Labor Office, 19 pm to meet with representatives of both employers and employees, hear the outcome of their discussion, and announced the government's proposed measures。
  On the reform of labor law, the French government tried Tuen Wei and Shi: on the one hand to extend unemployment insurance system to which an employee voluntarily resigned, and subject to independent judicial liquidation of professionals, improving the social security system; on the other hand for the unemployed no longer be choosers tolerant。
Strengthen auditing of the unemployed, is a continuation of the previous reform of labor law。
  It was reported that French labor law, employment of the unemployed is obliged regularly to registration centers and interview skills training, employment registration center and taking into account the recommended jobs。
According to regulations, if absent interview, may be temporarily written off two months of the identity of the unemployed, the unemployment insurance benefits during this period will be suspended; in addition, if the unemployed do not find work, it may be written off two weeks temporary identity。   However, the French Minister of Labor Pei Nige (MurielPénicaud) in early March said that the current system for managing the unemployed illogical。 In the new introduction of institutional reforms, the absence of punishment interview shortened from two months to two weeks, but not months looking for work may face penalties。
The unemployed refuse reasonable recommendation once more to be viewed as negative employment。   What is a reasonable recommendation, it has been clearly defined in the existing labor laws, usually to comprehensive judgments based on the nature of work, salary levels and geographic locations。 But the longer the duration of unemployment, the lower the recommended standard of reasonable。
Relevant laws have been introduced in 2008, but the punitive measures on the reasonable basic recommended not applicable。 In redefine auditing standards, the French government also expanded the audit team, played from the current end of the year, the number of full-time staff person in charge of from 200 to 600 people。   It reported that French President during the campaign will be Make Long-related measures as part of the reform program。
The challenge facing the union, he had defended this reason, measures to strengthen the audit does not mean that everyone suspected, but to deal with those who abuse the rules, so the unemployed do not be surprised to strengthen audit。   On the reform of labor law, the principles of the French government is to first let go by the negotiations between employers and employees, if they can reach an agreement, the government generally respect the outcome of the negotiations; but if unable to reach agreement, or failed to tackle, then the government will play a role ruling。
Since the end of 2017, the government has Make Long said it would strengthen the government's role in this reform process。