Malaysian Prime Minister said Malaysia will "along the way" endless benefits China: Sino-Malaysian cooperation has yielded fruitful results

  [Global Times – World Wide Web reports reporter Zhang Xin] Chinese Foreign Ministry held a regular press conference February 28, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang presided over and answered questions from reporters。   Q: It is reported that Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak today spoke highly of the construction along the way that Malaysia will benefit from the infinite。 He said the Chinese business community in Malaysia to build the future of high-income, high-skilled countries important partners, Malaysia continues to welcome investment from China, cooperation with China has brought a win-win。
What is China's Evaluation A: construction along the way to jointly uphold the principle of sharing, aimed at achieving mutual benefit, has been widely supported by the international community and the active participation of。
Malaysia each other friendly neighbors, have maintained close economic and trade cooperation。 Malaysia is one of the first countries to respond to the initiative along the way, all the way along the two countries to build cooperation has achieved fruitful results, it has brought tangible benefits to the two peoples。 China is willing to include the Macedonian side, including the area all the way along the country continue to promote and expand mutually beneficial cooperation。