sleeping soundly.”

  ”Very good, really good.”Qin mother voice was full of smile, though she and her husband was a little scornful of law – even his anger, discontent may eventually, not all of it for the happiness of his daughter?They have eyes, and see, whether before is not a problem, at least now Zhicuojiugai son, try to strive, and her daughter are willing to give him anoth北京夜网er chance.
  They are old, though ready to do more, but they most want, can not or daughter and son-in a good do?After all, they are the ones capable of holding each other’s hands, the end of this life of man.
  ”Yes.”Qin father and son in law, communication was one of the largest, he heard son road many times apologized, also said a深圳桑拿网 lot of worry, he knows best what a partner program, but men do, like the word simmer in silence, son did not could be implemented, he did not want his wife and daughter futile.
  Many years ago, her daughter once said to him, it is worth, she has no regrets.Then Qin father is turn iron into steel, from the heart of his daughter feel silly.
  Can be compared to her daughter hurt, I know regret, he would prefer the man loves his daughter, and she really worth paying.
  Four days later.
  ”Well, I do not cry, okay?Dad must go back soon.”Pei Naochun got on the phone again, his voice full of tenderness,” Our MAN how it can cry?Did not you promise you dad?If the father was not at home, they must be helped to take care of my mother, grandfather, grandmother, do not throw?The little warrior is not a brave face all?”
  I heard the 南宁桑拿childish sobs: “I.I’m so brave, I do not cry, you are busy working to come back.”
  ”Well, the star Yang also remember my father agreed, so when my father back, to give a good fight to see my father roller coaster.”
  ”Ok!I will do a good job.”Qinxing Yang immediately guarantee, reluctantly,” You want me oh!”
  ”Will, Dad would want you.”
  ”Naochun, you go to work and I have this male star.”Qin Siya from his son that finally struggling to regain control