nd of the movie, she knew it was Harry Potter soundtrack, she left glimpse of his son’s room door is not fully open, but ajar, opened the door the moment, but froze on the spot.

  Projectors across the open bed of hi苏州桑拿s son, the film has played to the third part, the room lights only opened the smallest one, for fear of undermining the viewing effect.
  On the ground next to the carpet, the castle has been built a half, next to the tray full of material.
  And Pei Naochun was lying asleep on the carpet, his arms hugging 深圳桑拿网the star Yang, father and son close together, breathing the same tune, sleep exceptionally heavy.
  Qin Siya and can not see, at this time her smile how gentle and full of love, her son off shoes, tiptoed carefully through the two men, took his son out of bed with the air conditioning is used to cover in the two who, fortunately, did not wake the two men, she lay silent son’s bed, quietly look to the future, I can not tell in the movies, or watching extraordinarily important in her life They.
  Xu is too warm atmosphere, she lay there, also unwittingly into dreamland.
  Qin was directed at her mother down the stairs from her husband pointed upstairs: “how about?”
  ”I am sleeping.”Qin father could not help but laugh, three people in the house sleeping, each have a smile on his face, what a beautiful dream like doing.
  ”Why do not give yo都市体验网u cook, let them eat late?”Qin mother knows fly back a long time, it is estimated son is tired, anyway, at this meal, evening meal is also OK, she got up, she and her husband are going to be resolved before the meal.
  Qin father crutches, stood there in the kitchen, and his wife separated by a distance, might affect her movements, his mouth talking about: “How much people, do not know to go to bed to bed to sleep, you are not seen, Star-Siya lying in bed, did not cover the quilt, a pillow to hold, or I gave her a quilt cover, and Naochun Star-touches Fortunately, two people do not know why, have to head to his head to sleep,