of foreboding, but in order to join her husband, she was still smiling, open the box, ready to give it a try in the mouth, you can just pick up a lipstick cover open and she’s a bit stiff –

  Gift boxes neatly lined with more than a dozen root lipstick, Qin Siya only one open, see the success of a wide variety, strange death Barbie pink – slightly better point is cherry pink and coral pink, light pink ,Flesh pink.Although her skin very white, you had better control of these amazing colors, still need some capacity, she finally had都市夜网 reluctantly chose a similar pink and orange cream, painted in lipstick, with her strange acting for several years to make sincere smile: “look good?I think these are appropriate.”
  Pei Naochun not see through, it is to join in the applause: “good-looking!”He patted his son has been pondering the big box,” Star-mom look good?”
  ”good looking!”Energetic Qinxing Yang naturally to immediately join in,” Mom super nice.”
  ”good looking.”Qin father remarked one,” it is not ye color, red look better!”He is the standard Rounds party support.
  Okay, Qin Siya sincere smile, surrounded her all her love, her love, she thought, this is probably the happiest moment of her right?
  ”Mom, sun and stars do Naochun?”Qin Siya just stay with my father came back from the hospital, to the point of the meal, but only at home mom watching TV, this a北京风月网fternoon is the time to go to the son of remedial classes, but rare Naochun back, and Star-rolling on the ground, she thought would like to help leave of absence, I will have to get along with his son.
  Qin pointed his finger at her mother upstairs: “play with upstairs.”She just going up, and the Star-in-law is to take the toy, two people are quite serious and a afternoon ride a little better, looking spectacular,” dinner ready, when to eat and then cook.”She is a Lao Bashi, fast action, do not have a table of food a few minutes.
  ”Ok.”Qin Siya nodded softly upstairs, upstairs is very quiet, only faintly hear the sou