r end, their own design scene, huh melodrama – in today’s杭州桑拿 drama, he was a movie officer, driving a car rescue a small rabbit hostages, to take him to shake off the back of the chase, which is also the father of the movie plot, except for those movie romance shot or have exceeded bloody lens, basic Qin Siya and continual release to see his son the.

  ”Nothing’s White Rabbit, do not worry, I will help you out!Because I am the police.”Qin Xingyang own father on the back lines like a talent comes, he drove to the door, but suddenly paused, a move a bit small ears, frowning, he got it wrong yet, seems to have unlocked voice?
  Vanguard said, this is the establishment of two suites open up and down, although the upstairs and downstairs have doors, but still perhaps the pattern is divided, living room, dining room, guest room downstairs – now owned by the father of Qin, Qin mother to rest; upstairs is the master bedroom and two guest rooms, they are generally out that door upstairs, if too lazy to go up, it will take the elevator from the nanny, it is closed to enter the credit card, through the back door, outsiders do not know.
  That door handle is pressed, the Qinxing Yang focused eyes, the door was 苏州夜网pushed open look –
  Qinxing Yang appeared in front of his head and his efforts to be a need to see the whole picture of the man, he was wearing a plaid suit, just pull down the mask, sunglasses and luggage is in our hands together, pull into the luggage after a man entered the room, It pulled shut the door, did not speak, looked blankly look at his little.
  Qinxing Yang a little nervous, turning the car moved back a distance of two steps, blinked his eyes, he looked at the motionless man.
  ”I do not know it?”It Pei Naochun to the people, he let go of baggage, hands on knees bend, the original body about the past year have not been home.
  ”father!”Qinxing Yang suddenly react, eyes Canruo stars, stand up from a toy car, also white rabbit doll accidentally hit the ground, did not