”We see that the drama about to begin.”Qin mother card with the time, her husband threw the dishes live, just waiting for her daughter to watch TV eating have to hurry, the last two years a mother and daughter is addicted to venture drama, the play of a high popularity when the female character died, two were crying dog eat dog, that day may be anxious Pei Naochun know what to do in the video the other end, by all means to coax people.
  Think of it, some can not help Qin Siya hot, she reached out to their fans a fan, a drink the remaining porridge a clean – after all, do not drink clean, dynamic light wave is waiting for her little boy’s, and she did not I sat down eating habits, standing next to the sofa and gently shaking, and my mother began to hum the tune of the theme song, but that vision could not spin the phone, her husband may be busy, most of the day di深圳桑拿网d not have the information sent to she was not used to it.
  God knows Pei Naochun will now move like a BB machine, fixed time and day of broadcast their own lives, but also illustrated with a small video, a video phone is idle than voice calls, Qin Siya even feel like a sitting duck in the other side of life in general.
  It should be busy, he said yesterday, successfully auditioned for it, Qin Siya sighed TV has started playing Housewives, but added distraction, a little to nothing in her husband aside.
  Qinxing Yang has also been cleared to bowl, he shows a lot of male grinning out, get the praise complacent and continue to nest into their trolley car: “start slightly!”Although the cause of the noise points, still within the tolerance range.
  Qin father obediently dishes, in the home he and his wife, also a division of labor by 广州桑拿网him to do the dishes, can not do what needs to be moved alive after his stiff walk, it will do little business a hand, and he hummed , is the first opera libretto unknown, hear.
  Children of this age are able to entertain themselves, Qinxing Yang drove from the head to the othe