to do, so my mother and father came, even if she did not want to do so北京夜生活me work stopping, just under her control more right amount.

  ”Mom fast food!”Qinxing Yang while eating, side also did not forget to patrol the territory, such as meal like mom confirm the speed, very vigilant, lest my mother in a dry deceitful, sneaking things.
  ”Oh.”Qin Siya low voice immediately, o北京夜网bediently eat.
  How she felt, ever since her husband gave his son this task after her family status plummeted of it?
  Qin Qin mother and father, as one, at the same time easy smile, according to Pei Naochun they suggested, after to give his daughter to find a lot of “things”, first Qin father two days have to go to hospital for rehabilitation – of course, this requires Qin Siya very hard, just need to drive to the hospital on the line, if something daughter, then himself went to the cell door, which is outside shopping district, a taxi is very convenient.After then, Qin mother is as it was before, always took her daughter watching TV, watching the drama side two Laoke, say some did not, being addicted to a recent Gong play fighting it.
  At the same time, they both have a lot of help on the busy, Qin mother going to exercise every morning都市兔兔, is the first of a whole family to get up, usually easily cook the rice, and occasionally do not want to buy breakfast cooked on the outside of the cell, if the daughter rare want to stay in bed, they do not urge it by the legs and feet of flexible Qin mother sent the grandson to school.
  Although only two more people, this is like home alive, as long as the former is not a Qinxing Yang, he did not sound too quiet situation has completely ceased to exist, and now more time is three people laughter.
  Of course, which also inevitably Pei Naochun threading, he finally scored this family of three small groups, well into the small group that has the number 3, what a father-in-law said I need, immediately online shopping to your door, never delay, also serves as a professio