Ministry of Education: abolish "provincial outstanding students" and other entrance points Project

  Recently, the Ministry of Education issued "Notice on 2018 enrollment colleges and universities", this year's college entrance work full deployment。 Requires all schools to thoroughly implement the spirit of the party of nineteen, fully implement the Party's education policy, the full implementation of the "State Council on deepening the reform of examination and enrollment system," the development of quality education, promote equity in education, scientific selection of personnel, to ensure that colleges and universities examination and enrollment fair and orderly。
  "Notice" to define the 2018 six key tasks of College Enrollment。
First, efforts to protect the entrance safe and stable work。 Strengthen the organization and leadership of the college entrance examination work, strengthen coordination among various departments, carried out a comprehensive examination of environmental governance special action。
Strengthen the transfer of part of the whole process of regulatory papers, papers to ensure absolute security questions。
Second, actively and steadily push forward the reform of college entrance exam。 Well-organized, good smooth implementation of the pilot reform, and implement measures to reform and improve。
Actively promote the implementation of the reform of the special high school proficiency exam and the overall quality evaluation。 Further promote the reform and reduce admission batch vocational classification recruit。 Third, to further promote urban and rural areas Equal Enrollment。
Continue to implement the "State support collaborative Midwest enrollment plan," continue to implement the key universities to recruit students in rural and poor areas of special plans to further implement and improve children or wife to take the exam in the inflow to the policy, strengthen the law in accordance with regulations of the "entrance immigrants" comprehensive treatment。 Fourth, to further strictly regulate Enrollment Management。 Strictly abide by "30 not" ban enrollment, enrollment message for ten earnestly implement disclosure requirements and strict special type of enrollment management。
Increase efforts to deal with illegal recruitment, enrollment for all types of fraud candidates, in addition to cancel the corresponding type enrollment eligibility, the cancellation of its year college entrance examination and admission status。
Fifth, to further strengthen the college examination and enrollment information security。 Enhance safety awareness and improve the security system, improve the management system, strengthen security checks, eliminate security risks, ensure enrollment information security。 Sixth, carry out the services recruitment propaganda work。 Candidates to increase the integrity of education, strengthen the enrollment information and comprehensive support, to provide reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities equal participation in the college entrance examination。 Give correct guidance to regulate voluntary guidance and news reports。
  According to "the State Council on deepening the reform of examination and enrollment system" and "Ministry of Education, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, the State Administration of China Ministry of Public Security Science and Technology Association Opinions on Further Reduction and norms college entrance examination scores extra points and" relevant regulations, abolish athletic talent students, high school students Olympiad discipline, tech competition, provincial excellent student, ideological and political character has outstanding deeds and other national college entrance examination extra points。