se of loss, she is also a woman, can do this degree of their loved ones, it can be considered a Taoxintaofei, as a spectator, she also want everything to have a good ending.

Chapter 51 hidden legitimate son of superstar (X)?(twelve
  The sun just outside the window, a weekend break to time, whether children or adults are extra relaxed.
  ”Xing Yang, let’s go eat supervision mom.”Qin father entered the room on crutches and patted grandson, eyes full of spoiled, just before the week and a half, after he and his wife discuss completed, quite de深圳桑拿网cisively packed up hastily rushed to City B.
  Qinxing Yang bleary-eyed, head buried in the soft quilt and rubbing, just about to stay in bed, heard Grandpa say supervision mom got up right away, vague and loud sound: “I’m coming!”Comfort stay in bed, his heart could not go beyond a sense of responsibility, just a few days before m南宁桑拿y father praised him then, saying he was responsible for serious, my mother no longer lost, to which he triumphantly, ‘intensified’ torture from their own real mother.
  ”Mom, I can not eat so much.”Qin Siya downstairs kitchen, accompanied her mother to speak, to Kaokao rely on her shoulder, her gaze is Qin mother was cooking meals, cook the other side this morning is 皮蛋瘦肉粥, fried poached egg, Roasted vegetables, ever since my mother came, she used to eat what those sugar-free oatmeal, black coffee was shelved, she can not get their brains.
  ”How much people eat no Star-conscious.”Qin mothers treat their own daughter can be blunt, to a record eye knife,” who did not look at the two of two meat, it is still critical!”My daughter is always in the group glossy, she and her husband also thought the other had a good B in the city,深圳桑拿网 if not the son back to take the initiative to call them, where they know that their own daughter from the last festive meeting, whole lost two laps.
  That day she and her husband at the door, saw her daughter wasted face, tears almost down, fingers are shaking with anger, the bad girl,