kitchen to give him porridge end “soon be able to eat lunch, you’ll have some porridge pad belly pad it.”

  Shen Xiao do not like to drink porridge, frowning ate two, put the spoon dropped, and turned to go pro Shen Yu, Shen Yu pushes his face, and said: “Stop it, first to eat porridge.”
  ”Unpalatable, I’ll wait to eat it.”
  Shen Yu reached for his porridge bowl, scoop a tablespoon porridge, handed his mouth and said: “obediently eat!”
  Shen Xiao serious look by her laugh, eat a porridge, he said: “The light of such feed more boring, so be it, you feed me one, I give you a kiss.”
  How to listen to him to take advantage of all, Shen Yu, 上海夜网a pout, the bowl back to him and said: “eat eat!”
  Shen Xiao:.
  Lunch time, Uncle Li mention downtown that house, “I take people to organize clean again yesterday, almost airy inside, Miss can always go to sojourn there.”
  Because Shen Yu said before, house decoration, etc. Well, she wanted to live there occasionally.
  Shen Yu nodded and said: “This afternoon free, I used to look at it.”
  Shen Xiao said: “I go with you, do not worry afternoon to the company.”
  After lunch, they rest for a while, set off the house to the city center, speaking, this house with Yuan Yue although not in the same neighborhood, but also not far away, the price is also very impressive.
  The house is by the two sets of more than two hundred square meters of houses to get through the merger of nearly 500 square meters of space, looks really great.Hous苏州桑拿网e facing south, very sunny, go into them, on a kind of bright and spacious comfort.
  After Shen Yu entered the house, everywhere you visit, although she has seen the design before, but this will see the kind, still I felt very pleasantly surprised, very much.
  ”We lived here for a while now.”She proposed to Shen Xiao.
  Shen X杭州桑拿洗浴iao said she is naturally unconditional promise anything, “OK, go back and pick up some clothes tonight, tomorrow live here.”
  ”Let Uncle Li Ha two white all over.”She went on to say.
  Shen Xia