p you what?”Li Jie asked,” Of course, I will focus on the effectiveness of your friend to guide public opinion, not good, then, in my view, is still firmly opposed.”

  Pei Naochun heard that, you know Li Jie heart is inclined to help him: “First, I do not want to fry any CP, rumors, and some before, they have a clean-handed.”In the circle, gossip CP is always inevitable, even if the company is not noisy, and sometimes shoot movies, TV shows, and even play a variety, the team will be helped fry.
  ”Row.”Li Jie promised a clear-cut.
  ”Second, I want to interview, the release signal on endorsement.”Pei Naochun abstract right,” I hope I get some of the softer image, like a husband, father.”
  Li Jie no广州桑拿网dded, she can understand, is that the former endorsement, more emphasis on “Idol flu”, is taking the route to attract fans Fengrui, if it wants to open, on the endorsement of this screening would have a tendency to.
  ”Third, I want you to help fight more than a few opportunities to audition.”Pei Naochun had a lifetime, is go directly to the location of the star, although the martial arts film shot mostly at home, but abroad to accept the award, may also left a lot of impressions, plus Uehara body acting, he think that it can fight for space, “the English teacher said I could have spoken now, I want more for some of the drama about abroad.”
  This is also a posterior approach, if indeed eliminate the influence in the country to go on, go domestic exports to the road, or else, he would engage in investment – after the world’s ey广州桑拿网es, or remember some opportunities, and that time money and then from the pilot acted, shot several large, can not do?
  ”Row.”Li Jie promise, which is also part of Naochun Pei out of the trust, she will not get to know each other cause people joke,” but then again, if the situation does not, I do not agree with your public.”
  ”Thank you, Li Jie.”
  Li Jie to go out of this, that stood in the door: “What shall I do, Xie Siya it.”
  Her heart is also some sen