t could not believe that this sentence is actually speaking Pei Naochun out of his mouth, and she had just agreed to find time to go back to the other side of things, the results came one?

  ”Yes, I want to expose.”Pei Naochun expression calm,” Li Jie, over the years, you know, I paid a lot for the Siya, the cause is of course important, can be as important as family.”
  ”That was not what I meant.”Li Jie sitting position across from him, picked up the glass and drink on the table, but can not destroy pouring hot heart,” You know, disclosure is not so simple things.”
  She also was a family man, can understand each other’s ideas, the problem is, this is a special profession.
  ”I think clearly, and I am willin南宁夜生活网g to bear this price.”
  Li Jie earnestness: “Naochun, you reason, you are not not popular eighteenth-line star.”She did not take the slightest irony of this sentence,” You know, the country is such a precedent, small meat public, fans, traffic fell immediately, and even lead to numerous disputes; veteran superstar public, 都市兔兔fans and even an attempt at suicide, extremes; even the fame of former greats as before, after the disclosure of his wife, children will receive the much-anticipated, all kinds of comments.”
  If Jung-hsing really only for the benefit of the company, Pei Naochun early termination, and Li Jie hand searched several news: “You see, you should not familiar with these, these few Mrs. King, have it so bad?Fans can, users will see all the things happening around her with a magnifying glass, some without conscience from the media, will try to tap the explosion point.”A few insiders Mrs. King, every so often you have headlines, pregnant with a pregnancy, to discuss how much money; second child to be speculation patriarchal; extravagance to spend money Congress hoot about to be prodigal; once In case a little scandal anecdotes, it is endle都市体验网ss.
  ”You’re open, not only affect your popularity.”Li Jie sigh heavily, in fact, in this matter there is a Irresolvable