Well, he could not help!
  Siya also for him to hide it, but this is all in the 21st century, he will be online, online news are out.
  Pei Naochun pretended not to hear, something wrong w北京夜生活网ill be beaten, cheeky point to be sure: “ah Dad, I recently in the United States, two weeks will arrange a time to go back, I’ll give you and mom to buy something, By the time you bring.”He lied, he had just come, the original body busy incredibly hard, do not got the idea, which will buy gifts, but he could afford the time, then how are abroad to buy two brand-name health care products always row.
  ”Do not waste your money.”Yo, really quite rare, the law also please him.
  ”Dad, I want to have things to discuss with you.”
  Qin father raised an eyebrow to the bar!It really is something to find him, the last time he was so humble, or myself, not Siya and licensing it to do wine!His relatives and friends in order to do that without telling Siya married, never mind how much effort, how much listened to sarcastic comments, of course, these are his dad to do this when, of course, will not tell her daughter: “You say.”
  ”Dad, I’ve been abroad, but also quite busy, did not see the kingdom of Siya several times, and today I call her, she found particularly thin.”Pei Naochun worried, which is the body’s own actor-level acting,” her face have no meat, Dad深圳桑拿网, you know, Roger Garcia has always been very concerned about their body, eat has always been much.”
  Qin Paizhuo angry father: “She do not eat?And all she said a few times, and to a typhoon, a shaving her head!Stand unstable.”He is not accustomed to see the most discerning their own daughter to eat fresh, eat vegetables can not put oil, directly over the water, he do not understand, yet enjoyably?
  ”So I want you and Mom to live in that house we go, Star-usually every day at home, but also to spend time with you.”Pei Naochun very sincere,” Siya and I worry about all kind of your body, B side of the city is good medical environment, the