ke bread.

  A swollen red piece.
  In case, if really disfigured, even if she would do predict dream, the book Young would not like her!
  She would also like to do lady officer!!
  She wanted to live in a big house it!!
  Thought of this, her ferocious stare Ruan rain, “Are you with me to grab the book Yang, Ruan Zhiwen was deliberately destroyed my face!”
  Amid the stunned Nguyen!
  What??Slag man also grab??
  Nguyen rain does not answer, Ruan Fang Guyu that rain is杭州龙凤网 the default, and her piercing cry, “I know you jealous of my beauty, I want to destroy this!”
  ”Trained, trained, did not see the face book Young people, even if I’m disfigured, he would like me!”
  ”What?”Ruan Fang Guyu rain to keep up with the brain circuitry, after a long while, she shoved a shot forehead,” You will not think I’m jealous of your long good-looking, just let my brother get a bee sting you it?”
  Fang Guyu hit a diaphragm cry, sobbed, “Is not it??”
  Nguyen rain raised his Yingying pink, white and tender little face, “you see, it looks to me, you need a jealous crooked melon split dates??”
  ”Are you afraid of dreaming!”
  She is not bragging, Nguyen rain on the faces of these native, in the presence of the entire seventh Pass Village is the village of flowers, absolutely no one won more than, even Guyu this party came from inside the city girl, not as!!
  Fang Guyu spent spent, her eyes red, refuses to acknowledge, “So how’s my favorite book Young!”
  Ran up from behind the book Yang Lin Fang Guyu heard the words, staring at his face swollen into a complex of the same party Guyu pig, he can say what in??
  Said his favorite pig it??
  And Yang杭州夜生活 Guo Fang Guyu see the forest for the book, see the savior with the same original Ganhao moment transformed into pear rain, and that the end of a delicate and charming look, “Yang book, you tell Ruan rain, you like I was not rain Nguyen, is that we really love each other!”
  ”You’re nothing but rain and Nguyen feudal tradition of dross!”
  ”To shut up!”