House yet?Actually I can come back?”Flowing color quickly pulled East Stone asked..

East Stone also face the loss: “This thing I do not know ah, Chunxiao her, she said, looking directly back great lady, great lady also not a little strange, just like, like ”
“What seems to?”Flowing color anxious.
FarStone’s a little uncertain: “It’s like, they like two long appointment.”
The word went out, they say the stone is a little uncertain of the East, everyone is together, including the Sun steward are scared.
It was a rush out, and the great lady what can an appointment?What must be deeper plan, if that is the case, great lady really is too unpredictable a.
“But why should the government ah?What thing is not to solve the palace, ran out a trip count any thing?”Flowing color totally do not understand.
“correct!”Cui Jin followed the road.
Sun steward mind a Ji Ling, said immediately: “Bowen is not in Fuchu!”
Huoer one Dengyuan his eyes, this one is Sun steward finishing touch to overawed,