Save him.

After Wei Zhen An faint finished speaking, they appear the entire room quieted down, the kid with her, she kept exposed to a forest of white teeth, throat, gone purr dumb, that horror and terror.

See the man nothing happened, Wei Zhen security not take that to heart, eyes chills just watching the kid said, “or else want to make a bet, see if I can not stand before you kill this kid?”

Suddenly this kid also like to listen to understand the danger of security Wei Zhen, a sharp roar at once, the body of an arrow fired at the general security Wei Zhen.

An Wei Zhen breathless on this, see this time and ran after the kid too calmly, suspended in front of the dagger, lightning-fast hands, a direct result of several gestures, contains a world aura of ancient coins sudden spread out five, four to directly shut the kid also wore a dagger at the tip of the will of the devil nailed above the Tian Linggai.

Suddenly, this kid is like being trapped in what transparent cage, to see him no matter which direction the touch, as if both were hot to the general uttered a scream.

See the shadows of people still do not come out, the only security force condensable Zhen looked refreshing, cold voice said: “It is not out of it