Book fine things look happy smile.

  ”Live for six months, it is to keep the geese have feelings.”He repeated himself before the well-meaning rhetoric.
  ”I will tell.”She’s determined to win to make him feel uneasy laugh:” You are like me.”
  In accordance with the requirements of the director, as long as the two men laugh to finish this road a few hundred meters of the line, because there is no need to radio, only track the camera to capture their every move.
  Yu Ze cold with a face, as if about to workplace bullies went dry rack.
  Donna went around in front of him, walking backwards.
  ”A good walk.”Yu Ze frowned.
  ”.Will fall.”He down at her feet, high heels.
  ”Then you took me.”She held out her hands toward him.
  Yu Ze looked at her and did not move, her innocent eyes wide open, urged: “I took it!”
  Yu Ze reason that should be rejected, the body involuntarily twitch up.
  After a moment, he pulled her hands.
  Her hand a little ice, Yu Ze Momo clenched, from the back of the hand to the fingertips, with the temperature to warm her own palm.
  Had he uttered the desire is to become a top star entertainment, such as his new special after sale, beat Bai Yalin on the results, which