There is Ukrainian.

This allows him directly smashed the office the day of all things, was sent to the onset of myocardial infarction oxygen.

The old man when it came on crutches, his face grim as a bat to.

Mu flower until he stood still before slowly opened its mouth.

But the content is no longer appease and calm, but as a general showdown.

“Those radioactive substances Orient House, you put it sent.”

“Yes.”The old man sneered:” I did not poison you two children, really a pity.”

“Give my parents poisoned and drugged, but also your family’s mine now.”

“You called me over, just to point this thing?”Zhang old man hate channel:” Tonight the first cut off your fingers so that you understand the point enough to live!”

Crown Prince sighed..

“I asked over.”He whispered:” You can also go back.”

“go?”Zhang boss exposed irritated look, pounding the cane curse up:” I thought you were not what royalty and nobles?I tell you, you and your family are degrading Peizi!Is Jianzhong!Raised by the state parasite!”

“You may have misunderstood what I meant.”Flower Mu glanced have to get past Rui heart of instruments of torture, pained smile to:” Your back is not home, prison.”

“Dereliction of duty, bribery, treason, money laundering