Mu child star silent for a moment, accept their fate.

  Cheng handed the phone double ear, Mu child star simply lying beside her head against his head, listening to the end of the line with casual content.
  ”Cheng total, Luo Xu whole put down.”
  Mu child star to take my eye glanced away double, who knows Cheng double eyes actually very calm, she lost the opening: “what a car accident.”
  ”Car accident also put down, that she did.”
  Cheng double finally spoke: “I know how Xu Luo Lishan that day will go to a restaurant for dinner?”
  ”Cheng always remember the toll station before going to pass it Lishan Hotel?In fact, Luo Xu did not know in advance, but she said that your every car she installed sensors, once you swipe through the toll booth, her cell phone triggers an automatic alarm device.”
  So Xu Luo will make a rush at that time truck drivers to deliver a cargo of unwarranted.
  ”sensor?”Mu suspected child star sound.
  ”Yes.”Continued the other end replied:” Positioning sensing device.”
  There is a double Cheng place do not understand: “That is how my car’s brakes going?I remember clearly the way to go still good.”
  Brake only at a critical time useless, really strange suspicious.
  Cheng dual suddenly want to understand: “This is the sensor’s sake?”