How to overcome motion sickness problems try to bite this site

How to overcome the problem?Now more and more traffic developed, people can travel by car, but let motion sickness headache particular family, and that you know how to overcome the problem of motion sickness do?Following small to talk with you exactly how to overcome the problem of motion sickness it。 How to overcome motion sickness problems are with prunes, followed by rocking the car on the right if you know he may have to take long trips, it can be prepared in a motion sickness bag inhibit the function of food or drink for a rainy day。
For example, can make blood sugar rise, with a refreshing function of the symptoms of motion sickness are less likely to occur chocolate, candy, etc.。 Carbonated beverages and conditions can be adjusted autonomic nervous stomach, further prunes will secrete large amounts of oral saliva, saliva adjustable semicircular canal is located in the ear balance, plums also inhibit the vomiting feel dizzy。 How to overcome motion sickness when the car must be careful not to place too close to the line of sight focus, front view of the rapid changes may cause visual confusion, as far as possible into the distance compared helps to relax。 Riding posture of the head and neck do not try to keep moving, the body leaning back, with body roll, and also followed the car when turning with tilt。
It may also be the car and talking to people, or play solitaire point, singing like the mini games to get attention。