See Ye Xin wear white self-serving will hold to the top of the podium, Yan Ze face changed.

  ”what is your job!How dare in front of me so presumptuous!Did I looked down on the president you do not yet!”
  White leaf cold glanced at him, faint.
  ”I’m not your college, why should you looked down?You think you are?”
  Yan Ze brow furrowed, his face with a trace of anger.
  ”You’re not our college?Then you dare to see a doctor president?You give me stop, quickly hit 120!”
  Chak Yan heard the words, white leaves some could not help but almost laugh out.
  ”You can be really funny, that was in medical school, ah, someone is sick, but still want to make 120?120 to the other, a direct corpses.”
  Yan Ze sneer, “you know ass, how do not call 120?Let you rule?What you have to practice certificate?I tell you, I’m a professor of national certification of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage doctoral tutor, Dean of the School of Medicine!I have so many titles here, I can not cure, you are a child, you dare rule?Rule is broken you count on me?!”
  Ye White shook his head, his face showing a trace of disappointment color.