, An eye looked Wei Zhen did not save his meaning, he turned his head, but also directly on the kid Yin Cece and bloody smile, almost scared a Buddhist heaven two Buddhist OBE.

An Wei Zhen will kick off from him directly, fire miasma Wu industry body, but not at all a lot, he does not have his own say so innocent, An Wei Zhen is not a fool, how could such a wicked save.

Body 245th chapter Chia’s Secret (4)

And the formation of the kids are very bloody and horrifying, An Wei Zhen how many would have guessed that this kid is how come, now imp of Wu’s Revenge, is entirely requite have grudges against revenge.

Justice circulation retribution of sorts, Ann Wu Wei Zhen is to see the body of the fire industry, we know that this was what she can no longer stop the.

An Wei Zhen silent a long while looking at this kid, cold opening: “Come out, just this kid is unable to do my master’s passing to.”

Wu Wei Zhen Ann looked alarmed, what does this mean?Is this room really has a second ghost?

Suddenly, Wu was more scared of curling up his suspicions, and now the whole Wu nobody, only a few of them inside this room, and it was he called broken throat no one