Dedicated it?”Her sly smile:” If I prove that you love me, you’ll give me life.”

  ”bored.”Yu Ze turned and walked MV director designated stations before, Donna’s location right next to him.
  ”You can not and I bet you?”She does not stand still to go, Qi Gugu looked at him.
  ”Come on, do not delay shooting.”Said Yu Ze frown.
  He just finished regret it, because he saw Donna lowered his mouth.
  Sure enough, the next second, she was crying with Yu Qi said:
  ”Please people took the time MV called Nana, will seek to.”
  Yu Chak black face interrupted her: “I’ll bet you.”
  But it was too late, Donna words caused laughter around several times,.
  He vaguely heard several more envy of talk: “Oh, so sweet.”
  What sweet?
  Yu Ze chug blood pressure rises just felt oppressively!
  Others say: “I never thought Nana Yu Chak private as people, ouch.”
  That’s no problem, I do not know who said the sentence: “old robber.”
  Yu Chak temple hop, he jerked back, Nu Sheng said: “I did not!”
  Staff whispers that slipped away Samsam.
  Yu Ze angry fast sudden stroke, a look back, to provoke