“What are you in the end to?”

“what?Your home has never had handled dirty money?”Zhang Rui heart rage against laughter, Yang high voice:” What is less pure angel in that dress, but all good mix of large family, who did not dip disgusting thing – you do not just want to spend at home by money laundering things we blamed it?”

Flower Mu sighed, as if to appease her general slowly and said: “Do not you worry.”

“Your father in it?I want to talk to him..”He paused, a serious look and said:” Even if I wanted to kill up to vent their anger, you do not have this time of emergency.”

Rui heart and irritability exposed skeptical look, ferocious said: “If you are playing for time, and so will put your nails all pull down!”

“Do not worry.”Flower moderate Mu said:” I fear, can come up with some way.”

Although he was helped in that, but calm and she seems to be sitting with a cup of tea in general, and to let offenders are next to some ignorant thugs.

Zhang boss under hesitation, decided to come.

He had wanted to control these tubes behind the scenes, but since her daughter said, ‘is going to die sooner or later the people’, also stopped by to shame what this phony kind of crown prince.

His huge inheritance, three generations of hard work down the results, all have been in the ashes of