He said: “Without those things, how long you can hold?You will die in China!That he could not get the upper cargo, the person you need is me!Did you hear me!I killed him!”

  Face lure of drugs, Chakun heart will struggle, hesitate.
  However, he quickly put his heart hesitation and pressed into the struggle, he knew that if they have this hesitation the idea of diving are sorry Chen!
  Now he has become a piece of ghosts, diving Chen did not give him what he qualified to hesitate?
  ”Do not try to control me and then this kind of thing!”Chakun sudden rage, that package ‘white goods’ on the desktop grabbed the heavy side door to pound Gokseong!
  Gokseong a side dodge open, “white goods” fell heavily to the wall broken, scattered all over the place!
  Chakun some physical trembling slightly, Chen diving know his inner struggle, but the struggle is that he must face.
  If he is pretty, but today, it is more difficult to stick to it later.
  Once you get this thing on drugs addictive, this is Chen diving is clear, but a person with enough willpower, will be able to control myself not to touch.
  Even if thousands of ants bite heart felt absolutely do not touch.
  No longer control their own touch this thing with the march to war is a reason the big bang, and then to decline, and thrice.
  This, too, if make decisions