After over, I quickly went to a vote.

  Liu Liu came over and asked, “We can throw it to yourself?”Now to find out all the audience’s preferences, all my people go flying really close on the set.
  Lu seventy-one nodded, “Yes, of course, if I did I cast my own ah ~ ~ ~”
  Liu Liu untold looked at the little fairy, “Fortunately, you do not participate.I do not cast your vote for me myself.”
  Lu seventy-one concerned about the voting system, quickly back up here, and one to three minutes, the polls closed, the land seventy-one took a screenshot sent to their own home.
  ”Now we can all see, the vote is over, because it is the limit and assault, so it should not exist brush votes, then, when this is a fair vote, and let me tell you about the results announced ~~~~~ “Lu open seven little result, according to the lens over,” Dangdang when, first ~ ~ ~ ~ obviously, is leading the way, congratulations ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Liu Liu’s side will have a staff, Liu Liu is written to one point.”
  Liu Liu very pleasantly surprised, “which began a score?”
  Lu seventy-one nodded, “Yes, the game started at any time oh ~~~ ~~~~~~ we continue to work hard anyway, you are about to enter the entertainment business, entertainment is all the time in the competition’s big game, in which the company let you experience a side in advance, it is also very good?”
  ”You want to play it yourself?”Indus be sure that.
  ”Yes, I just want to play ~ ~ ~ ~” Lu pick up seventy-one