What do these.Anyway, thank you, as well, everything is carefully.”

  Xu Hong said that, no other words to say.
  He heard Qin Bo said thanks, to hear his voice carefully closed, could not help but raised his head, looked at the front of the shelves.
  After the death of the small, remote, Body and Soul in fact, there have been some time, but because he always thought dead can become a ghost, to see their parents, but obsession is not heavy, and soon dissipated.
  At that time he told himself, a little sad, but do not want to because he did something wrong.However, if he knew his mother died because of this accident, he will not not look at myself laughing as it was?
  Probably will not.
  In this world, good people are always much more painful than being wicked.

  ☆, anonymous

  It was dark.
  Tengyun’s headquarters building, is so still as usual, there are deserted department, there are lights in the department.
  That floor is located Qin Bo, because he does not go, so floor was quiet.Occasionally there are twelve voices is not large, more of a voice keyboarding.
  It took another half an hour, Qin Bo finally came out from the office.He closed the office door, while the name of the phone, walked into the elevator while.
  ”A walk