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What to eat is a very common musk, for a variety are extremely effective, it is the practice of doing so, then what are musk eat together and small series to see musk has introduced what it eat!Musk musk eat food which method, musk amber pellets Eupolyphaga 50 g, 25 g late blood amber, musk 15 g pulverized, then mixed and an appropriate amount of liquor pills made, each taking three points, available in。 Consumption of two musk, musk wine cinnabar 25 Kdan sand, musk ten grams pulverized, mixed, followed by addition of two liters of liquor bottle placed in a ceramic, low heat and simmer, stirring occasionally silver chopsticks。
This treatment method can be used uneasy demeanor abnormal diseases such as。 The method of eating three musk, musk pellets 150 g, 150 g velvet, Lugushuang 15 g, 10 g musk, 100 g, 100 g of aconite processed into a mixed powder, and 200 g antler, size made Firmianae pills, each taking 50 pills, the virtual lack of treatment available Yuzhu。
Musk musk eat food which four methods, the wine g musk musk borneol, borneol twelve processed into a powder form placed inside a bottle, and then placed in 400 ml of liquor, stir sealed bottle, can be placed one week after required open, this time need to keep shaking the bottle。 This method may be used for the treatment of various pain caused by cancer。