Successful experiment temporarily achieved, so that all people involved in the experiment are very excited, the upper Imperial is the next experiment as a national first-class secret, they work closely in more advanced laboratories, research and sleepless nights can make humans longevity methods.

  Hui Ming Lang and other saw the infirm, elderly white hair black hair, skin folds stretch off, smooth and delicate newborn skin, the body’s cells to become active is extremely slow speed, regeneration, allowing the body to regain vitality, he almost thought dreaming.
  After a brief joy, team after the cycle of experiments and concluded initial success.
  The reason why the preliminary, because of which involved a lot of drawbacks and defects need long research to solve.
  Plot development here, Lang Hui Ming as the main air transport male life hanging open all the way, if you have been going so smooth, people might really be able to work out ways to longevity.
  Unfortunately, his luck soon end Heaven law bad taste.
  Experimental brought problems over time, the real outbreak of the day, enough to bring a devastating blow to human.
  The first to be affected