There are re-bloom.”

  Sheng Joe eyeball in a circle, thoughtfully: “The day before yesterday I was in jade bridge, heard Xiane say two princes season spotted mysterious angel of concubines, carrying his imaginary sword go with the Devil rob people, you can be is that the two princes?”
  Zeng Ming’s shoulder gently shake a bit, sneered: “You know the brownies were pretty much knows is I’m two princes, not quick to take immortality.”
  Sheng Joe squatting on the ground did not move, continued: “I also heard that the two princes of years but a rare break God’s body, born excellent talent, Xian Shu repair is very high, with an imaginary sword cut make universal demons, Temple no one is his opponent, even if it is the Devil angel, is no match for him.”
  Zeng Ming growl: “where’s so much heard?You do not go in the end?”
  Sheng Joe beaming smile: “Your Highness wait a moment, a small pickup which take absolutely true to Dan.”
  Director: “click.Two states are good, but could be better, do it again.”
  So both of them play again, the more the more the running state, the director nodded to the third time, finally shouting over.
  The sky is dark, the hall lights are turned on or ranging Sheng Qiao rest, the director has in place a shouted Actor.She hastily sipped tea Ding Jane hands, ran past carrying Qunjiao.
  This is a whether physical acting, directing and carefully told her a few words, while listening to Joe Sheng