Massage is an effective way to help you relieve fatigue

(2) means extrapolation, linearly driven in one direction。 Law for tendon and tendon sheath parts。
(3) elbow push method, a single direction, but we need where we need to promote a line of massage。 Usually we used both sides of the spine。 4, rib surface wiping method using both thumbs to focus on certain parts of the distal end to the proximal end of the thumb drive, to do a single vertical or horizontal direction of movement。
Law for forehead。 5, the doctor sweeping finger flexion and dispersing the patient's head placed on both sides, forward and backward direction Swipe。
Health around the world by Mo Fatai massage Thai massage is the most intense of all kinds of massage, the Thai physician 吉瓦科库玛 and local Chinese immigrants create some massage from ancient India to the west according to Thai massage , then entertain the royal family as the highest etiquette。 Its techniques are also etched in the wall of the veranda Wate Bo Wat Pho, where it is called "Thai massage base"。
Effective massage Japanese massage technique widely circulated Japanese massage originated in China, while former exchange with the Chinese businessmen to EGL。 Although this argument has not been clearly established, but even the Japanese medical experts also acknowledged that Japanese massage and Chinese massage techniques strikingly similar。 However, the masseur kneeling on the experience of those back with his knee massage, etc. is still very Japanese style。 Continental European-style massage massage from ancient Greece and Rome, known as the "noble sport," was the civilian population are prohibited enjoy this way of health。
After the Industrial Revolution, which began to massage method popular in European countries。