Huoting Chen came?”

  Huoting Chen said came to visit, and then think of him shortly before her confession, Su Yuan to now still feel some incredible, obviously hate her hate death of Huoting Chen, how she might like it.
  Fu raw cold over there thought for two seconds, and asked: “They drink?”
  ”how do you know?”
  ”Grill how not drink beer line.”
  Fu is poor and laughed, then said: “You in Which Grill?”
  ”Do you want to come over?”
  Fu raw cold and said: “Although I would love to come, but I’m not at home, I’ll send someone to find you, good to send back two of them drunk.”
  Although Huoting Chen told Gu Jiuan not drunk, but according to this drink, drunk sooner or later, Su Yuan did not decline very curious to ask: “Do you really out of the country it?”
  ”Yes.”Fu is poor and laughed and asked:” how?”
  ”It’s nothing.”Su Yuan shook his head, realizing that Fu is poor and can not see, it is a low voice added:” hello clever just think, what can guess.”
  Because he was very happy to see such a scene, even Huoting Chen can come the studio, he is deliberately arranged, as is so Gujiu An Su Yuan with no time to be alone in the off screen.
  Fu Qing