Huang Liang nodded B, B Liang Huang Shi needle begins.

  Although a little nervous, but whatever the outcome is suspended and Yan Song-taek, president of two chiefs of the disciples, a shot will be shocked four.
  Two hand holds a silver needle in Dai Xin shoulders above, slowly stabbed into it, the action is extremely smooth, wear Xin’s face was not even a trace of expression changes, it seems that silver needle go in, lest he have no feeling it?
  Huang Yi-liang this genius geniuses who really deserved reputation.
  A needle into, has won applause, followed by Huang Yi-liang fast fingering a bit over pintail.
  No effort seems to fiddle master, irregular needles start trembling.
  All eyes were fixed on the top of the Okanagan needles, needles found just shaking frequency is growing.
  I do not know who shouted out.
  ”Daijiao Zhang fainted!”
  Just that needles of rock, with this body is wearing Xin caused convulsions.
  At this time, wearing a trace of foam flow out Xin mouth, face extremely stiff, distorted facial features, lips turn blue, body still shaking constantly twitching.
  As Huang Yi-liang of a needle down, Dai Xin direct eyes over the pages, fainted.