Is July 2018 your wedding Ji Yue

Chinese people like pick up an auspicious day when they get married. They always choose a dies faustus. In the eyes of Chinese people, getting married is a very important thing. Naturally, they should be cautious and cautious. No one is willing to joke about their marriage.. So is July 2018 your wedding Ji Yue? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s do a marriage test together..   1、. Are you a superstitious person in life?   Yes →2 No →4 It depends →3 2. Do you think marriage is a happy thing??   Yes, 4 is not, 3 depends on the situation, 6 is 3, do you plan your wedding carefully??   Yes →4 No →7 Depends on the situation →5 4. Do you want your wedding to be held by yourself??   Yes-6 is not-7 depends-85, do you like the number 7?   Like-7 don’t like-8 doesn’t matter-6 6, do you think it is necessary to choose a date for marriage??   Do you think it is more suitable for your parents to prepare for the wedding??   Yes-8 is not-10 depends-9 is 8, do you think marriage is very troublesome?   Yes-9 is not-a depends-10 9, do you want to get married?   Do you think marriage is very important to you??   Important-D is not important-C depends on the situation-B Test Answer: A, July is your wedding, Ji Yue. You are an advocate of All is Forgiven in your life. Do you think marriage is a great joy and anything bad can be driven away. As long as you want to get married, you think that 12 months in a year is Ji Yue. You are happy to get married in inside in July. Your heart is only happy and you don’t care about anything else. You think marriage should be happy..   B, July is probably your wedding. Ji Yue, you are a person looking forward to marriage. You want to enter the palace of marriage with the person you like as soon as possible. Do you think July is a good number. China’s Valentine’s Day is in inside in July. Do you think inside’s marriage in July will augur well. You want to get married in a special month, so July is probably your wedding Ji Yue..   C, July is very unlikely to be your wedding. Ji Yue, you are a person whose mood will be affected by the weather. July is a hot month. For you, the hot weather will make you angry, and you may even affect your wedding because you are upset.. You want to be happy when you get married, not disturbed by the weather.. So July is very unlikely to be your wedding, Ji Yue.   D, July will not be your wedding, Ji Yue. You are a feudal superstitious person in your life. July will not be Ji Yue for you. Do you think July is Ghost Month in China’s population, and it is very unlucky for inside to get married in such a month. You don’t want to take any risks in your marriage. As long as you think it is unlucky, you won’t do it. Do you think you’d rather believe it or not. Please contact the website administrator if you reprint the original articles of First Constellation. Otherwise, it will be regarded as infringement..