The Influence of Water Inversion on Twelve Constellations from July 26 to August 16, 2018

This week’s astrology can be said to be the key part of the whole July. The whole is changeable. Mercury will start retrograde this week from July 26 to August 16. The feeling of water inversion is more obvious in week. It includes the following contents: words and deeds, communication, and cost increase, electronic equipment, network, pipelines, data management, and traffic travel. Error rates in these aspects are easy to rise, and it is also easier to encounter Caton, congestion, and temporary situations.. This week there will be an important astrological sign of the year, the Aquarius eclipse. This week’s astrological changes are mostly concentrated on the axis of Leo and Aquarius, so the force of this eclipse will be obvious.. Lunar eclipse will bring people a sense of discomfort and pressure.. Some people will inevitably experience separation.. So it is time to say goodbye to those unhappy past. Some goodbye, also don’t have to miss, really can never see again.   On the one hand, the contradiction between work and interpersonal relationship will erupt this week, and some people will leave the current environment, such as resignation and job-hopping.. In interpersonal relations, conflicts with some people will erupt, pulling someone black and getting rid of dependence on someone.. The probability of making mistakes will also increase this week, and careless actions may bring endless troubles.. The inverse of the water will greatly affect Aries’ emotional situation. If you have company, you should pay attention to the relationship with your predecessor. If you make up your mind to say goodbye to the past, you should clarify your attitude and don’t bring troubles to the people around you.. For single people, this flood disaster is like a double-edged sword, which may make your memory sweet, and may also make you completely glad to end the current ambiguous relationship and unrequited love.. If you should let go, let go. You are the independent and pure Aries. You have no compromise in front of the pure love ideal..   Taurus’ impact on Taurus is mainly on the family. Pay special attention to the electrical appliances, network, pipes and other things like water leakage and house maintenance in the family. The other half of Taurus who is close to the family may have differences. Single Taurus may feel the pressure from the family and will not always obey the parents’ arrangement.. In terms of career, when facing external pressure, it may erupt, quit or start a business.. This week, you are vulnerable to criticism from your superiors, salary deduction, and other things that make your mood and self-confidence plummet.. You are a sedate Taurus, causing conflicts is not what you want to see, although sometimes you are also very difficult, please express your true feelings in life..   Gemini’s water inversion has a great influence on Gemini. This week your main star began to retrograde. The feeling of water inversion is obvious. Gemini is a relatively frustrated week. It is prone to poor communication, emotional, and miserable from people around you. It makes you feel angry but helpless.. This week, there will also be an eclipse of the moon, which will add the influence of the adverse effects of water on you. The discomfort is obvious and will cause you to change, such as changing the environment, changing the city for development, going abroad to study, or changing jobs, and other things that change your life chances.. Emotionally, you may be influenced by your predecessor, giving you a feeling of entanglement and not knowing how to handle this relationship.. Emotional restraint will make you feel irritable. You must keep a peaceful heart and make the best judgment in your heart..   The effect of this water inversion on Cancer will first be financial pressure. As daily expenses increase, you will feel that you cannot make ends meet and have a great sense of pressure. The current goal is to make money.. Individuals are prone to uneven financial distribution, such as unclear terms, which may erupt in the end.. The adverse effect of emotional water supply on Cancer is not very great. At most, it will be misunderstood by some people and will not cause too much conflict.. You will feel a little lonely and neglected, making you feel depressed.. Single cancer crabs often feel insecure and eager to find a sheltered harbor.. The loneliness of this period of time is precious to Cancer. You may as well take this opportunity to calm down and think about your own affairs..   This water inversion of Leo takes place in Leo’s zodiac, so it has the greatest impact on Leo.. During the period of water adversity, Leo’s status may be questioned by the people around you. Your arrogant attitude is easily repugnant to the people around you.. A careless word spoken emotionally can cause a great blow to the other party, leading to emotional breakdown and difficult repair.. You may have to face some choices, such as deciding to resign, quit, start a business, transform and separate. This is a farewell to the past.. In terms of finance, it is easy for a sum of money to be neglected, misstated or a certain consumption to feel cheated.. As you always like to speak frankly and quickly, you must remember that what you say must be lost, especially when you say something out of control, it will have a profound impact..   Virgo’s main star will retrograde this week, and the reverse of water will begin. During this period, Virgo will be in a state of hesitation and indecision, questioning his decision, not daring to show himself in front of others, and having a tendency to evade problems.. In terms of work, it is relatively easy to have jobs with high stress or need to rush and work overtime.. The workload is also relatively large, and everyone is easily upset because of it.. This week Virgo’s emotional aspect, your state is a bit repetitive, and you are getting tired or tired of the previous relationship. You don’t have the confidence to maintain the current relationship. The expansion of your personal emotion may make the other party feel disappointed and have the idea of leaving.. If you are single, you will be in For Old Times Sake or have active contacts with your predecessor, but most of them are only emotional. You should know how to distinguish and feel your heart..   Libra, this water inversion will affect your interpersonal relationships around you, and you will feel tired when dealing with the pressure of interpersonal relationships.. At work, facing the change of leadership and the adjustment of colleagues, you will want to leave the social circle, pull black and temporarily leave a friend.. On a daily basis, the pressure of work will be greater, and you will feel helpless in the face of heavy workload.. Emotionally, single Libras will get tired of their current life, begin to miss the past, and may give up or end an old relationship or an early-stage affair.. If you have a partner, it is easy to be suspicious of the other party, and it does not rule out that you will find some clues, such as the other party is having an affair with others or hiding something from them.. You can choose to talk openly.   Scorpio’s water inversion will take place in Scorpio’s career palace this week, and some important work will begin to progress slowly, which will make you worried.. There is also an important astrology this week. The influence of the lunar eclipse on Scorpio is more towards family and house. Pay more attention to the health of yourself and your family. Some people will start to decide to buy a house or move house.. Emotionally, having a partner, a decision about work or the future may affect your relationship.. Single, have the opportunity to meet new people, but please slow down. Individuals will end a complex relationship, a multi-angle relationship, a hidden relationship.  Sagittarius The Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius is still greatly affected by this water inversion. Emotionally, feelings will come to a dead end. No matter which direction you go forward, there seems to be no efficient way to solve the problem, which increases your frustration and makes you feel a little helpless.. There will be some confusion this week. In a certain environment, interpersonal relationships, communication and social news will affect your life and delay your energy.. The workload at work increases, the sense of busyness increases, and many changes easily occur, making it easy to argue with colleagues.. Emotionally, individuals will end a long-distance relationship, ambiguous network. Single, there are still some Desires Of The Heart in the early days of week, but don’t be too presumptuous. Be careful of a rose with thorns on the road.. You are also a large family that is easily affected by the adverse effects of the water. Therefore, your daily stumble is not small. Please be patient..   Capricorn’s major impact on Capricorn this time is focused on feelings. Emotional life is prone to problems and troubles consume a lot of energy.. Too much anxiety and anxiety make you disheartened, and your indifference will send an unfriendly signal to the people around you, which will make your emotional problems worse.. If there is a partner, those who decided to separate before may need to deal with some common property problems or some money problems that need to be further understood. The other party may also turn over old accounts and ask you for some money.. In daily life, we should pay attention to the interpersonal relationship with colleagues, which is easy to fall into disputes of words and tongues. The overall process of work will also be somewhat chaotic, and there will be more temporary situations..   Aquarius will face an unprecedented crisis this week due to the double attack of inverse water and lunar eclipse.. A lot of things need to be dealt with, and in the process of dealing with this, there will be ups and downs, increasing your difficulty in dealing with things.. In terms of work, the situation of old people will increase, including the repetition of work, and there will be a feeling of slow progress.. Financially, it is easy to lose money.. At the same time, there will be intruders in your life, bringing you a great sense of crisis.. The emotional alarm goes off. Don’t keep a tolerant and indifferent attitude as before. It is likely that your other half will leave you.. Single Aquarius is also gradually uneasy about a certain relationship. You need to express your inner thoughts..   Pisces This Water Reversal has a greater impact on Pisces, and it is easy to feel the strong Insecure.. This week is not a comfortable week. Emotionally, they will find each other not pleasing to the eye and the cold war will easily break out.. For single people, their goals and status are blurred and their psychological pressure is great.. Pisces is easy to create a beautiful illusion in a good atmosphere, so don’t be fooled by temporary feelings, you need to keep a rational mind.. Trust crisis, whether it is emotional or interpersonal relationship at work, may face bigger problems and even arguments between words and tongues.. Work is closely linked with financial fortunes, and when work is not smooth, financial fortunes naturally decline.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.