Sleep for a few hours will be short-lived?

Zaoshuizaoqi good day, sleep a few hours will be short-lived?Below small details for you。 After almost everyone, every savory sleep in a nap on a busy day。 Resulted in inhibition of course, there lived a lifetime without sleep people, people to sleep is a physiological response, it is part of the brain activity of nerve cells in the brain cortex excitability continue after。
When the dominant inhibition in the cerebral cortex, when people will go to bed。
People in life, there is work, there is a break in the neural activity, there is excitement, there is suppression。
Suppression to protect nerve cells, so that it re excited to let people continue to work。
Sleep is also a process of memory cell metabolism, cell aging the new input cell arrangement information of each memory used to prepare storage。
These include sports area, language area, balance keys, as well as some of the past and memories of everyday life。 They are material, so also in the manner species present, if a person long-term lack of sleep, leading to memory cell can not be a healthy life, it is prone to error, such as spasms, convulsions or shock caused by mandatory sleep and fainting。
For a long time also prone to cancer。
Zaoshuizaoqi good sleep for a few hours will be short-lived?So, just from the point of view of natural science, sleep whenever he woke it is better and better, or will life shortened, the law of life is a good foundation, but for the law and long-term fatigue is dangerous。 Scientists suggested that people have the economic ability of the best go with the flow, not to flaunt moral and damage to health。
After all Zaoshuizaoqi good health and is linked to the relations of production, because farmers do not get up early to work, cattle, farming, will be no food, no long-term food, how could the body good?So, if you are not a farmer, or for bread, then there is no need to torture yourself abuse。