Is your love sweet or sadomasochism in 2017?

People who are looking forward to love always yearn for having Manisnya Cinta, but they may not see the moment when there will be cruelty behind sweet love.. And is your love more sweet or more sadistic in mid-2017? He and Xiao Bian went to Questions to have a look.. 1、. Do you still pay more attention to where you live???? Yes?? No?? Depending on the situation 2,. Do you have any vegetables that you don’t like very much??? Yes?? No?? I don’t know 3,. Have you ever been excluded from work or study???? Yes?? No?? Not crowding out 4,. No matter how much you earn, will you save a little every month???? Yes?? No?? Depending on the situation 5,. When your relationship is troubled, will you talk about it with a friend of the opposite sex???? Meeting?? will not?? Look at the situation 6,. Do you like blue, purple or red gift wrapping paper??? Blue?? purple?? Red 7,. Which of the following three lakes do you think is the most romantic??? West lake?? Slender West Lake?? Mochou Lake 8,. If you travel with your lover this year, which do you think is the first choice???? Island?? frontier?? Ancient town 9,. Which of the following three kinds of sugar do you like best??? toffee?? Fudge?? Bitter Is Sweet 10. Cycling for outing in spring. Which of the following colors do you choose??? White?? Pink?? Blue A, Slightly Sweet You Can Enjoy Slightly Sweet Love in Mid-2017. This state of love may also be that you and thank you are not formally together, in an ambiguous state, and the other party also gives you a response, making you feel happy to the bubbling rhythm.. Of course, it is also possible that you are already in love, but the two of you are getting along relatively blandly and in a slightly sweet state. There is no need to compare it with the vigorous love all day long, because the slightly sweet like Water flowing out in a trickle takes a long time to exhaust is romantic enough.. B, minor abuse in mid-2017 your love is at the level of minor abuse. Love that does not abuse the heart is not deep-rooted. Love that does abuse the heart too much tortures people to feel tired and unloved, while love that does not abuse the heart slightly may also be just right.. In this year’s love, you will occasionally be abused and cried several times, which also makes you understand what kind of love you really want, and can also test whether you really want to go on with your present thanks.. In addition, you can enjoy a little sweet love at the time of minor abuse, so don’t worry too much, just let nature take its course..C, Gao Tian You can enjoy a high-sweet love in the middle of 2017, which is the rhythm of admiring others and spreading “dog food” every day.. Your love will fall into passionately in love in the middle of this year, and Honeyglue’s state will last for a long time, just like inseparable Conjoined twins. Apart from being lucky enough to meet a thank you who knows how to love you, your love is so sweet because you have worked hard enough.. For a long time, you have been studying hard to manage and care for this love. It is also worth your while to enjoy Gao Tian.. D, high abuse your love will be high abuse in mid-2017. You also hope to be able to enjoy the beautiful and romantic sweet love, also hope to be able to get all kinds of love from lovers, and their relationship can get everyone’s support and blessing.. However, your love may be opened in the wrong way, and this year has always been a stormy juncture.. Two people are clearly in love with each other, but they are inevitably separated and quarreled with each other, which is full of troubles. It is also possible that the other party does not love you as much as before.. You may also like the following contents: Questions’s following contents: Have you missed the chance to embrace and measure his most real thoughts? Marriage test: What is your happiness index after marriage (female) and how many children will you have??